Business software meets business intelligence.





Docket was a first-of-its-kind, AI powered software solution, designed and built specifically to help meet the needs of service based businesses. While the end product was never fully realized, it was a blast to work on and be part of from the beginning.


The long and winding road from idea to execution.

From the beginning it was clear Docket was going to be an ambitious project. The founders had a clear direction and drive to make it a reality. We jumped in quickly on creating a complete visual style guide, to experience and interface design; there was plenty of work to do.

Within a few weeks, we had landed on a clean and simple logo mark and type to represent not only the name, but something that could also extend itself to Doc, the AI powered assistant inside the app.

“With so many things we could do, it was important to find what we should do.”

A few good things.

We were prepared early on that this idea was going to either succeed or fail on the back of just a handful of core features. We had imagined building an entire management system that would allow business owners greater insight into the health of their company, and even started mocking up what that could look like. 

It wasn’t until several months into the project that we took a step back, interviewed several service-based business owners, and realized they really only wanted a few things. So we put our nose down and got to work.


To intelligence, and beyond.

Aside from our four core features, machine learning was a huge piece of their initial value proposition. Building in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that would help business owners do specific tasks was a game changer. This led us to design out a card based chat modal that could be pulled up at any point, on any screen, where the user could interact with Doc, the AI, to complete tasks.

Our hope was that at some point, Doc would not only be able to just receive specific inputs from the user, but also be able to proactively reach out with smart suggestions, and interpret free-form entries.