Guardian Firewall

Take back control of your digital life and privacy.





Guardian Firewall is a first-of-its-kind, super simple, VPN for iOS. With a real-time intelligent firewall, and network traffic encryption, Guardian puts you back in control of your data. We worked closely with Will Strafach to bring to his vision of super simple privacy, to life.

Available on iOS


A fresh new take on mobile security.

With the topic of privacy, or lack thereof, at an all time high in people’s minds, we were more than excited to help the Guardian folks when they approached us about the possibility of working together on their completely new approach to mobile security.

After just a few short exchanges, it was clear Will and his team were absolutely on the right track with what they wanted to create and just needed a strategic design partner to help bring their vision to life.


Designing the future face of privacy.

After some initial exploration of the app was complete, we shifted our focus to designing out a simple logo mark that would become the app icon and face of Guardian. Obviously we wanted something that reflected a privacy, security, and with the name starting with a “G”, we naturally landed on the “G” shield mark.


Bringing it all together.

After the iOS app was completed, we moved on to tackle the marketing website. We had designed the first iteration of it months prior, but with the app design complete, we felt it would make sense to go back and update the website to match.

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— Will Strafach, Founder and President, Guardian Firewall

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