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StudioHop is a Dallas based fitness startup looking to redefine the way people workout. Working closely with the founders, I was able to design everything from their brand identity and their website, to their mobile apps and marketing—a true top to bottom project.

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Not a bad start.

From the outset, StudioHop had most of the important pieces of their business in place. Customer acquisition, retention, and a well defined business model.

While those things were great, they realized there was still opportunity to streamline their customer experience and also distinguish themselves from competitors.


Stand out from the crowd.

The founders of StudioHop approached us to help them put their mark on this space. Working closely with their internal marketing team, we set out to develop a completely new visual identity—one that felt very fluid and was able to convey a certain amount of motion.


When it came to their mobile presence, StudioHop knew their apps were underperforming. We set out to completely rethink the mobile app experience to focus on driving value to repeat users. We spent extra time focusing on a specific parts of the experience, like classes, search, and booking.

“Goodfolks challenged and pushed me and my company in the best way possible. They’ve elevated our entire look and encouraged us to try something out of the box and different with each project.”
— Natalie Wolfe, Founder & CEO, StudioHop

New year, new site, new everything.

We focused first on the pages that needed to convert the most, and then moved on to classes and studios where I designed a completely new map experience to be more inline with mobile.

We designed a lot of the content as repeatable modules, which allowed me to reuse it throughout the site to bolster their message. It also helped create consistency across the site, delivering a unified web experience and speeding up the design and development process.


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