Take Command Health

Changing the way people buy and understand health insurance.





Take Command Health is a small, but innovate team looking to help change the way people buy and understand health insurance. Back in October 2016, we had the pleasure of working with the Take Command Health team, then just 3 people, on a few small parts of their website. Since then, we’ve been fortunate enough to help mold and shape the entire Take Command digital experience for both businesses and consumers and lead the charge on what will be the next wave of health insurance technology.

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Do one thing really well. And then do it all.

At the beginning of our engagement, Take Command was squarely focused on helping individuals find the best health insurance plan for themselves. Armed with data, algorithms, and a decent website, they set out to put a stake in the health insurance industry.

We worked on a complete redesign of their website and individual enrollment process that walked customers through a traditionally long, and complicated process. We did nearly a dozen rounds of 1:1 user testing to validate and prove our assumptions about what was most helpful for people. And the people noticed.

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— Jack Hooper, Founder & CEO, Take Command Health

During this time, we also assisted the Take Command Health team with various images for marketing campaigns, video ads, and print documents.


The best is yet to come.

Today, we have the privilege of helping Take Command service 1200+ small businesses and their employees through a wide range of digital experiences. Currently we’re helping establish a cohesive and integrated design system, as well as iterating on various previous designs based on user feedback.