The Way Back

Helping people find their way back.





The Way Back, formerly The Way Back House, is a Dallas based non-profit specializing in helping previously incarcerated individuals reintegrate into society. Founded in 1973, The Way Back offers employment and housing assistance as well as other related services and support, moving towards giving a hand up, not a hand out.


Back to the basics.

Our engagement with The Way Back began simply enough. This 43 year old organization needed a new logo. Why not? As we kicked off the discovery phase for the project, we quickly realized there was a lot more to the story than we had originally understood.

The Way Back had actually run a physical halfway house for years (hence the name), and had helped countless men and women create a new life after prison. The only problem was they had relied so heavily on their older donor base, that now four decades later, found themselves unsure of their future.

We found the story of a person finding their way back to a new life the perfect metaphor for how we would approach and help The Way Back find themselves.

Finding our way forward.

With our vision in place, we started drafting various directions for what the new look could be. We walked several board members through different exercises that helped us better understand who they were at the core of the organization, but also who they wanted to be.

Through this process we made the recommendation to drop the word “House” from the name altogether, not only because they no longer run a halfway house, but also because dropping that word allowed the name to more closely fit a more aspirational, and bigger vision — helping people find their way back — wherever that may be.


Forward, back, upward, and onward.

It wasn’t long before the identity started to create itself. Imagery of sunrises, directions, and outward bursts of energy all lent themselves to the final mark. Once the mark and type were locked in, we started working on various collateral to assist The Way Back in carrying out their new vision. We’re excited to have been part of such an amazing organization and hope to see it around for many more decades.


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