Welcome to a whole new of meeting people.





Twoish stands to take the status quo for dating and meetup apps, and turn them on their head. The idea started when founder Nazair, was simply looking for someone to hangout with. He quickly realized the only options that existed were for dating and group meetup apps. What if you wanted to just find one other person to go out with for a night, completely as friends? Well, now you can.

Available soon on iOS


One, two, two-ish.

From early on, Nazair was adamant about not making another Tinder or dating app. He wanted something that emphasized user-generated events amongst a more general list of things happening near or around someone. We wanted the app to feel welcoming, and give a certain reassurance that this was not just another dating app.


People can create their own “event” from a series of predefined buckets, and open them up to the general public.


Putting the icing on the cake.

Once we had designed the majority of the main views and flows of the app, we shifted our focus to the overall brand for the app. We wanted quirky, fun, and playful, but also courteous and trusted. We landed on merging a strong sans-serif, with an italicized serif to bring those two ideas together. The final logo type is both serious and ready to party.


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