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Work214 is an up and coming coworking space located in Uptown, near downtown Dallas. Their community-based approach to working together was something we immediately gravitated towards, and were thrilled when they asked us to help them not only design their brand identity, but also their website.

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A brand that’s distinctly Dallas.

One of the most unique aspects of working on the overall brand identity for Work214 is the fact that 214 is a common area code for the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. We wanted the final mark to feel more like the numbers you would see outside of a house than just your average logo.


Designed for digital.

Unlike most traditional brand agencies, we always start our branding projects from a digital perspective first. We spend a lot of time thinking about how the finished identity will translate to social platforms, the web and beyond.

Because of the fluid nature of the web, we also ensure our color systems are accessible and W3CAG compliant for their appropriate use.

via  Work214
via  Work214
“Working with Goodfolks has been a delightful experience. They understood our vision immediately and successfully revamped our entire brand identity.”
— Roger Chang, Founder

A place you can call home.

After working through the more nuanced details of the identity, we quickly started translating and building out the key components of the website. Thinking through small details, and micro UX, we built out a flexible set of templates that allow the Work214 team the ability to easily, and quickly spin up new pages as needed.